THE EVENT: The Malta Tourism Press Awards is an annual event organised by the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA).

AIM: The aim of the Awards is to honour journalists/photographers from all over the world, whose work, published/broadcasted in the previous calendar year contribute to the enhancement of tourism in the Maltese Islands.

ELIGIBILITY: Representatives of the foreign media who have produced an article, blog, photo reportage, radio/video production creating exposure for the Maltese Islands in international media during 2016 are eligible to participate in this contest.

FEES: Participation is free.

SUBMISSIONS: Every participant shall submit only one work in once category she/he wants to participate in, clearly indicating the date and the medium of publication/transmission and the category. These works must have been published or broadcasted in any foreign media during the calendar year 1st January 2018 - 31th December 2018. Media includes: Print media (Magazine or Newspaper article), Internet Online article/video or Broadcasting media (Television/Radio). Submission can be made by the individual journalist or photographer or by an MTA Director/representative overseas on the appropriate Application Form that can be downloaded from here

CATEGORIES: The MTA Malta Tourism Press Awards is made up of seven (7) categories, namely:

1) Magazine Article, 2) Newspaper Article

3) Online Article/Video/Blog

MICE: (Meeting, Incentives, Conferences and Events).
4) This particular category includes Magazine, Newspaper or Online articles.

5) Photography Reportage

6) TV/Radio Documentary

7) Gozo Reportage

REQUIREMENTS: Print/Internet categories: In the case of printed material and online articles, those submitting works should include four copies in the original language. Broadcast category: In the case of Television and Radio, four DVD/USB recordings of not less than 3 minutes need to be submitted. These recordings will not be returned. Photography category: Photographs must be part of a reportage which appeared in the print or online media. Those submitting works should include four copies of the original article. These originals will not be returned. 

THE JURY: All submissions are adjudicated by a panel of four judges. The panel will consist of a chairperson and three members, appointed by the organiser of the awards. The jury's decision is final and binding.

EVALUATION: The jury will evaluate a) originality b) ability to promote the Maltese Islands c) aesthetic sense.

CLASSIFICATION: Judges shall name the first three of each category. If in any category the judging panel finds that submissions did not reach the desired standard they may decide not to award the prize.

PRIZES: The winner in each category will receive a trophy and a cash prize of €1.000. The winners and a person of their choice will be invited to Malta for the presentation ceremony. MTA shall organise flights and accommodation.

PRESENTATION: The winners will be announced during a Presentation Ceremony which will be held in Malta.

APPLICATION FORM: (PDF) Download from here.

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