As the name suggests, this area is dedicated to the Press and Media.

This is where you can find the latest Press Releases and statements issued by the Malta Tourism Authority for the benefit of the local and international media. You will also find a repository of past releases dating back to 2016. If you are interested in press releases that were issued at an earlier date, please feel free to contact us.

In The News
We regularly scan the online press and media for stories about the MTA, the local travel scene and tourism in general. We round up the most interesting ones and share them with you here.

Media Assessment Form
Journalists, reporters, travel writers, television crews and other foreign media travelling to Malta on a press trip organised by the MTA are required to submit a Media Assessment Form. A copy of the Form can be downloaded from here.

Tourism Press Awards
The Malta Tourism Press Awards are organised every year by the MTA to recognise and honour those journalists, TV producers and photographers whose work, published or broadcast during the preceding twelve months, contributed to the promotion and enhancement of tourism to the Maltese Islands. For information about the awards click here.

To download the Application Form for the MTA Malta Tourism Press Awards, click here.

To view the Regulations for the MTA Malta Tourism Press Awards, click here.

To view Past Winners of the MTA Malta Tourism Press Awards, click here.