In order to fulfill its diverse and complex role, the Malta Tourism Authority's structure is composed of a number of different directorates, divisions and departments, each tasked with a particular aspect of MTA's remit. 

Every one of these departments has a specific function to perform, each contributing in its own way, directly or indirectly, to help MTA achieve its objectives for the benefit of the general public, the travel industry and the country as a whole. 

Some, like the Marketing Directorate and the Overseas Network, deal with the promotion of the Maltese Islands as a travel destination in the global marketplace.

Others, such as the Quality Assurance Department and the Licensing Unit, are more focused on MTA's regulatory function, ensuring that standards are maintained and that the level of service given to tourists is up to expectation.

Other departments, such as Product Development and Industry HR, are involved in the improvement and strengthening of Malta's tourism product offered to visitors.

Several other departments, such as Communications & Digital MediaHR & Administration, IT and Finance, perform a support role, enabling the rest of the organisation to function as efficiently and effectively as possible.