Communications & Digital Media

The Communications & Digital Media directorate has two distinct but interrelated roles. One has to do with the communications function in its broadest sense, and the other with the sphere of digital media.

On the Communications side, its role is to uphold and promote the public image of the Malta Tourism Authority with the various local and foreign interest groups, including the media, the trade and industry stakeholders, the general Maltese public, government agencies, visitors to Malta, potential visitors as well as foreign companies and organisations. The role also entails the provision of support for other MTA departments in the promotion of the Maltese Islands as a tourism destination. It also involves being constantly aware of all that is happening within the MTA, within the tourism industry locally and abroad, as well as promoting the many and diverse MTA initiatives across all the interest groups mentioned above.

Functions that fall under this heading include:

  • Issuing press releases and statements.
  • Organising interviews with press and media, andparticipation in TV and radio programmes.
  • Responding to questions from the press.
  • Originating and placing articles, advertorials, introductions in publications, etc.
  • Writing speeches.
  • Organising MTA press conferences, media briefings, including press packs.
  • To help maintain good relations with members of the media and press;
  • Commissioning and acquiring photography and video footage, and managing a media library, 
  • Originating, printing and reprinting brochures, CDs and DVDs.
  • Sourcing promotional items, giveaways and gifts.
  • Carrying out local advertising and awareness campaigns.

On the Digital Media side, the directorate is responsible for the development, maintenance and continuous upgrading of - the official tourism portal for the Maltese Islands, in its various language versions. It also maintains the corporate website, and a number of other microsites. The directorate also manages a database of consumer and trade contacts and carries out e-marketing initiatives in collaboration with other MTA departments and external partners. The division also manages the local social media presence for MTA and Visitmalta, has also been entrusted with the task of keeping an up-to-date online events calendar.

The functions that fall under this heading include:

  • Managing the portal, the corporate website and other microsites, ensuring that all editorial content is regularly maintained and updated.  
  • Producing, commissioning and procuring text, translations and audio-visual material as necessary to keep the sites fresh and appealing. 
  • Maintaining a customer database, compiled from online and offline sources, keeping to the highest standards of data protection and respect for privacy.  
  • Carrying out online marketing campaigns that make optimal use of the MTA customer database.  
  • Maintaining and disseminating an up-to-date online events calendar. 
  • Assessing and responding to other online marketing opportunities, working with other MTA departments and the overseas network.  
  • Working with the IT department, website developers and hosting service to ensure that the portal is working optimally on a 24/7 basis.  
  • Implementing and managing search engine optimisation techniques and coordinating search engine marketing activities, including pay-per-click campaigns.  
  • Setting up and managing online content distribution partnerships that will enable MTA to deliver its content to a larger audience. 
  • Overseeing the destination's online presence, including regular posting and paid campaigns on social media channels e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Youtube
  • Collating and disseminating site traffic and performance reports. Analysing data to provide a basis for further site development.  

Assistant Manager:

Name: Ms. Priscilla Civelli
Tel: (356) 22915402


Name: Mr. Matthew Deguara
Tel: (356) 22915406

Customer Care

Name: Ms. Jeanelle Camilleri
Tel: (356) 22915563

Media Questions

Queries and other requests from the media should be directed to: