Customer Care

The Malta Tourism Authority's Customer Care Unit (CCU) handles a substantial volume of communications received via phone, email and post,  ranging from a wide variety of queries and requests for assistance / information on any topic related to the Maltese Islands, to complaints of varying degrees. Communications are received from individuals (potential or past visitors, the Maltese public, colleagues and government departments) as well as from various organisations and commercial companies, stakeholders and even embassies.

The CCU team believes that the service offered is perceived by potential visitors as a reflection of what they are to expect from a visit to the Maltese Islands. Hence, the team strives to maintain an optimal level of service - be it through direct contact with customers and also through its ‘backstage' efforts towards fine-tuning where possible the areas that its customers comment on, especially by following up on any complaints received.

The unit also strives to build and maintain a good working relationship with the various departments at Head Office and all the overseas offices / representatives, who often liaise with the CCU on a number of topics. The CCU also seeks to build interfaces with key persons in other Government entities in order to be up-to-date with any developments that would have a bearing on the team's replies to any queries or complaints.


Ms. Jeanelle Camilleri 

Freephone: 80072295
T: (356) 22915000