Hotel Height Policy

Hotels Height Limitation Adjustment Policy

The Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA) in conjunction with the Ministry for Tourism and the MTA, following Government approval, has published a new revised policy framework to further assist hotels to increase their profitability and competitive edge, especially in the light of the current economic challenges and the highly volatile international tourism market. The revised policy framework will facilitate the vertical extension of hotels which are rated as three-star or above by the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA).

Through this policy, such hotels may apply for development permission to increase the height of the hotel building to not more than two additional floors over and above the height limitation permitted in the Local Plan provided that the resultant design features a high quality product in keeping with the urban context. The objective of the Policy is to upgrade the product and the facilities of the existing bed stock and to ensure high quality in the proposed projects.

This policy applies solely to proposals for hotels which are not located within a scheduled area, Outside Development Zone (ODZ), on a ridge edge or within Urban Conservation Areas (UCA).The policy makes a proviso that development rights acquired through development permissions granted on the basis of this policy will not remain valid should any subsequent proposal be submitted for the change of use of the hotel building. The MTA is making an emphasis on the commitment of the operator to upgrade the property, seasonality issues and targeting of niche markets and segments. Hotels will be also asked to join the MTA ECO-Certification.

Hotels Height Policy Document

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