Registration for an Operator in a Tourism Establishment

Updated: 11.09.2023

In relation to a tourism operation (other than a tourist guide),an Operator means a person, other than an owner, who is entitled to operate a tourism establishment in his own right under a title derived directly or indirectly from an owner

An application can be filed online by following the link:


Applicable Law

Chapter 409- Travel and Tourism Services Act-


Documents needed with application


  • Scanned copy of ID Card of Applicant Licensee (Individual or Official Representative);


Operator (to be nominated)

  • Scanned copy of ID Card of Operator (Individual or Official Representative);
  • Curriculum Vitae of Operator (Individual or Official Representative);
  • Recent Police Conduct of Operator (Individual or Official Representative);
  • Copy of Full Memorandum & Articles of Association (if Operator is a Body Corporate);
  • Copy of Deed of Partnership (if Operator is a Partnership);
  • Company Board Resolution appointing an Official Representative of the Company (if Operator is a Body Corporate);
  • Partnership Resolution appointing an Official Representative of the Partnership (if Operator is a Partnership)


The Premises

  • Copy of Approved Drawings showing part of premises (in RED) which will fall under the responsibility of operator being nominated (if applicable);


See Subsidiary Legislation 409.05



  1. Submission of application: 0
  2. Vetting of application: 5 days
    • Applicant will need to submit documents based on the specific application following initial vetting process: The amount of time in this period depends on the applicant and the time taken by the applicant to provide such docs.
  3. Inspection/Assessment:
    • In such step, once again, the timeline is dependent on the applicant whether the standards are provided or not at the establishment. In the case that standards are not met then the applicant is asked to rectify, and process is paused.
  4. Approval: 10 Days


Incomplete Application Forms

In the case of an incomplete application form, the Authority shall, without delay, inform the applicant of the need to supply any additional information or documentation, or of the need to conduct any interviews or inspection.
Nonetheless, when the Authority has not determined whether to issue a licence to an applicant, within the periods mentioned above, such applicant shall not be deemed, for all intents and purposes of law, to be licensed.


Means of Redress or Appeal

Any person who feels aggrieved by a decision of the Authority, as provided in article 14(1) of Chapter 409- Travel and Tourism Services Act, may appeal to the Tourism Appeals Board, on payment of the prescribed fee (applicable fees as per Legal Notice 409.05), within fifteen (15) days from the date the decision on which the appeal is entered is communicated to the person concerned. Tourism Appeals Board contacts and information can be found on


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