MTA Signs Agreement with VeriFLY

MTA Signs Agreement with VeriFLY

PR 07/003

On Friday 23rd July, 2021, the Malta Tourism Authority has signed an agreement with Verifly aimed at offering a hassle-free solution for tourists from the USA, travelling to Malta. VeriFLY’s privacy-centric design ensures the user’s data is secured and only used for the purpose and period of time required to satisfy travel requirements. Moreover, VeriFLY users will maintain strict controls over how, when and with whom their information is shared.

As to what regards passengers traveling to Malta, these will have the opportunity to verify their wellness and provide other documentation, as required by the Maltese Health Authorities, through the VeriFLY app which helps to streamline COVID-19 vaccine, documentation validation and displays results in a clear, reader-friendly manner.

After creating a secure profile on their mobile device, passengers will upload vaccine information and other documentation as required directly into the VeriFLY app. The VeriFLY app will verify that the passenger’s information matches the requirements set by Malta and displays a simple pass or fail message. Following that, the passenger will be guided to fill in the Passenger Locator Form for entry into Malta.

The VeriFLY app is available on Google Play and on the Apple App Store, and users shall be able to activate their “Trip to Malta” pass, which encapsulates the requirements for entry into Malta, organized into a user-friendly checklist, after completing all the required credentials. 

This agreement showcases Malta’s ability to rapidly adjusting to the new challenges pertaining to travelling. The VeriFLY app will serve as an important tool to secure peace of mind both for Americans but also for the Maltese public health in general. We will continue working hard to assure that the local tourism sector pursues its path towards recovery in a sustainable and responsible manner,” earmarked Minister for Tourism and Consumer Protection Clayton Bartolo.

The MTA is proud to reach this agreement with VeriFLY, which will make it now easier for tourists from the USA to visit Malta, by providing a one-stop-shop for the tourists to submit all the required documentation prior to their departure. This will mean that tourists will leave with peace of mind from their airports of origin, knowing that all their paperwork is in order, thus starting their relaxing holiday from the moment they step onto the aircraft,” MTA CEO Johann Buttigieg said, adding that with this agreement, the Maltese Authorities are officially supporting the use of VeriFLY for efficient entry into the country.