Application for a Concession for Temporary and Reversible Outdoor Dining

Application for a Concession for Temporary and Reversible Outdoor Dining


The concession is being extended until the 6th January 2022 but can be withdrawn prior to that date should current COVID-19 restrictions concerning catering establishments be withdrawn or significantly relaxed

The MTA and the Association for Local Councils have signed an agreement to permit the temporary and reversible placing of outdoor dining facilities by catering establishments and social clubs (kazini) for the summer period ending 30th September 2021. This is being done to counteract the reduction in the existing licensed dining covers due to COVID 19 restrictions.

Applicants are to fill in the application form here, and submit the required documents i.e a site plan indicating the proposed temporary outdoor dining area, photos of the site and a layout of the proposed outdoor dining. The MTA will consult with the relevant local council for their feedback on the application and based on such feedback will communicate its decision. The temporary concession will be issued subject to the following conditions:

  1. You are not allowed to increase the number of approved tables and chairs (both indoor and outdoor) from the existing permit but only space the existing tables and chairs to respect social distancing;
  2. The allocated space cannot block pedestrian footpaths (minimum clearance width of 1.5metres);
  3. The Council may restrict the permit to a schedule to allow other services and activities to take place within the same area (traffic arrangements, delivery schedules, etc.);
  4. The establishment must remove ALL outdoor furniture during non-operating hours and must store them in the indoor premises on a day-to-day basis;
  5. No platforms, shading structures (other than movable umbrellas) are permitted;
  6. Outdoor furniture should be of acceptable quality and adequately maintained;
  7. Extended area should not be placed in front of third-party owners unless, the applicant obtains a non-objection letter from said third-party property owners;
  8. The permit is in line with the OCA policy and respects all other trading permit conditions.

This temporary and reversible concession will be in place until the end of September 2021, or at the removal of COVID-19 related social distancing for such establishments or at the discretion of the MTA, whichever is the earliest.

Applications are to be sent by email together with the  relevant documents to the MTA at For any clarifications you may phone on 22915617.