Restaurants & Snack Bars Support Scheme

Restaurants & Snack Bars Support Scheme

Scheme is applicable to those who have not yet applied 

The Hospitality Sector has been very hard hit by the continued prevalence of the COVID-19 pandemic with international travel down to historically low levels. Places of social gathering and entertainment have been following restrictions in operating in response to the Health Authorities’ strategy to curb the spread of the virus. Such a situation has placed undue hardship and pressure on restaurants & snack bars which have had to endure a lengthy period of restricted operations in line with Government’s COVID-19 mitigation measures.

Following Prime Minister Robert Abela’s declaration of Government’s commitment to continue sustaining the country’s restaurants & snack bars with additional measures that go beyond the Wage Supplement, in compensation for their reduced operations, the Malta Tourism Authority is allocating a budget of Euro 2,000,000 for distribution to these establishments. All catering establishments licensed by the MTA, excluding licensed bars and clubs, will receive a €1,000 grant to mitigate the impact of the measures.


 €1,000.00 grant to each catering estabilishment in order to mitigate the impact of the measures.

Total Sum dedicated – €2,000,000.00


Application needs to be filled and submitted online in the following link:

Terms & Conditions

Scheme is applicable to those who have not yet applied 

All attachments mentioned in the document have to be provided when submitting the application.

Applications which have missing information will not be considered.

The support scheme along with the application processes, will be managed by the Malta Tourism Authority Head Office directly.

The above scheme is independent from any other support being provided by the MTA throughout 2021.

Any queries should be sent to