Recover, Rethink, Revitalise - Find out about the Malta Tourism Strategy

Recover, Rethink, Revitalise - Find out about the Malta Tourism Strategy

The Malta Tourism Strategy has been launched for consultation with industry stakeholders aimed to shape up the future of the tourism industry from this year up till 2030.

This ten-year strategy, will be based on three fundamental pillars namely: Recover, Rethink and Revitalise.

In his remarks, Minister for Tourism and Consumer Protection Clayton Bartolo earmarked that the tourism industry is closing the chapter of a story in which we achieved a ten-year cycle of record growth, that no one ever imagined would reach its end with a pandemic that occurs once in a century. “I certainly believe that the timing of this strategy couldn’t have come at a better time. These challenging times, are requiring from us all to unite and pilot this industry back to where it deserves,” highlighted the Minister.

He added that the tourism industry, needs to be at the forefront of the country’s economic recovery, mirroring itself as a couragous, innovative and forward-looking industry, that does not shy away from change.

“We are going to be good listeners and this is why we are bringing this strategy forward to you. Hospitality is a characteristic engrained in Maltese culture and we have no intention of stopping here. I am optimistic that when this pandemic is a chapter of the past, Malta will be much stronger than it was a few months ago,” concluded Minister Clayton Bartolo.

Permanent Secretary within the Ministry for Tourism and Consumer Protection Ronald Mizzi said that is it not easy to plan ahead in such abnormal and surreal circumstances when at times we are questioning the marrow. “The responsibility falls on us, policy makers, to ensure that together with the industry people, stakeholders, businesses, we chart an effective and timely strategy and plans to ensure that our tourism industry remains a viable, attractive and sustainable sector. And ultimately that Malta remains the preferred destination for travelers. We believe that this forward looking strategy we are presenting to you today, will provide a solid foundation to this effect,” continued the Permanent Secretary.

MTA Chief Executive Officer Johann Buttigieg stated: “The strategy that we have embarked upon aims to set a roadmap for Malta’s tourism sector over the coming years, enabling us to address both current and future challenges, and ensuring that our industry becomes even more resilient and viable than ever before.”

Leslie Vella, Deputy CEO & Chief Officer Strategic Development for MTA said that the launch of this strategic process at this important juncture in Malta’s tourism development presents us with a unique opportunity to rebuild and restructure for a stronger, sustainable and future-proof tourism for the years to come.