Taste History, Visit Now!

Taste History, Visit Now!

Heritage Malta and VisitMalta teamed up to showcase the islands’ unique and rich history through the taste buds!

With their wide variety of historical sites, ranging from Neolithic temples, to walled cities and the more recent British period, the Maltese Islands have been described as a living museum, reflecting the legacy of the many cultures that ruled the Central Mediterranean and settled here throughout the centuries.

In Malta, history can be seen, touched and felt all around, and exploring these ancient islands is the closest one can get to travelling back in time!

To make this experience even more complete, Heritage Malta, with the support of the Malta Tourism Authority, has now added the senses of smell and taste to this enchanting journey in time. Inspired by gastronomical references discovered in archives by Heritage Malta, stories of people come to life. Digging through this treasure-trove of information, it was evident that there was an opportunity to experience history in a different manner. Authentic recipes were re-created from the real-life stories which the ink-stained pages of history have been yearning to tell!

In a series of short videos filmed in landmark locations, Liam Gauci, the Director in charge of the ‘Taste History’ project, narrates the stories uncovered in the archives, while the gastronomical references are reproduced for the audience to try at home and savour the history of a country to discover.

The first Season comprising four episodes will be aired on www.Facebook.com/TasteHistoryMalta and www.facebook.com/VisitMalta every Friday, as from 26th June 2020. Watch our videos and make Malta your destination to visit now!

WATCH THE TRAILER: https://youtu.be/RiYsYkNsvhU

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