Quality Charters

The Malta Tourism Authority has introduced a Quality Charter aimed at improving its customer-care services by reducing the timeframes involved in the issuing of licences for certain types of accommodation.

This Quality Charter, which came into effect on June 1st 2017, addresses the timeframes required to obtain a licence to operate a Holiday Furnished Premises (HFP) or a licence to operate as a Host Family.

Through this charter, MTA's Quality Assurance & Licensing Directorate in collaboration with the authority's Enforcement Directorate is committing itself to complete the required process within a period of 15 working days.

This is subject to two conditions being met, namely:

  1. that the application is submitted to the Authority together with all the required documentation and 
  2. that when inspected, the relative property is  found to be according to the standards as per legislative requirement.




Applications can be found on https://corporate.visitmalta.com/en/licensing-quality-charters


Click on the links below for a copy of the Charters in PDF format.