Holiday Furnished Premises Application

Updated: 23.03.2020

Holiday Furnished Premises (Apartment, Studio, Villa, Farmhouse, Terraced House, Maisonette)


"Holiday premises" means any building, howsoever described, but not being a hotel, guest house, hostel or the ordinary residence of the owner or tenant thereof, as the case may be, in which accommodation, ancillary services, including self-catering services, and amenities are provided for tourists; and includes any number of such buildings which are grouped together.


An application can be filed online by following the link:

Applicable Laws (Rights and Obligations)

Chapter 409- Travel and Tourism Services Act-

Subsidiary Legislation 409.11- Holiday Premises Regulations-

Documents needed with application

  • Identity Card - copy of both sides
  • VAT Nr. of Individual (who is responsible to submit ECO Contribution)
  • Site Plan
  • MEPA Permit including the endorsed MEPA Layout Plans


If the premise was built pre-1967 Architect's Declaration and Architect's Layout Plans.
Note - Architect's Declaration should state:

a) Property was built pre-1967 and that no Planning documents could be traced, or no applications or other permits exist with P.A/ PAPB

b) Property is built as per sanitary regulations and is fit for habitation

  • If not owner of premises: Contract of Lease OR Lands Department permit
  • For applications on behalf of a company only - Memo and Articles of association and company resolution confirming representation.
  • Copy of Contract of Purchase (non-Maltese national only)
  • A 3rd Party liability insurance for €250,000


See Subsidiary Legislation 409.05


Method of Payment

Online payment is available via the Licensing Management System (LMS). 



Within forty-five (45) days from the date of receipt of a complete application, the Authority shall determine whether to issue a licence. This period may, prior to the expiry of the relevant period, be extended by the Authority for one period of not more than sixty (60) days. Such extension and the reasons behind it shall be notified to the applicant without delay.

Incomplete Application Forms

In the case of an incomplete application form, the Authority shall, without delay, inform the applicant of the need to supply any additional information or documentation, or of the need to conduct any interviews or inspection.
Nonetheless, when the Authority has not determined whether to issue a licence to an applicant, within the periods mentioned above, such applicant shall not be deemed, for all intents and purposes of law, to be licensed.

Means of Redress or Appeal

Any person who feels aggrieved by a decision of the Authority, as provided in article 14(1) of Chapter 409- Travel and Tourism Services Act, may appeal to the Tourism Appeals Board, on payment of the prescribed fee (applicable fees as per Legal Notice 409.05), within fifteen (15) days from the date the decision on which the appeal is entered is communicated to the person concerned. Appeals should be addressed to: Dr. Lynn Faure (Tourism Appeals Board Secretary) Attention Mr. Paul Pace (Director Corporate Services)- Ministry for Tourism & Consumer Protection, 233, Republic Street Valletta VLT 1116, Malta.

Department ResponsibleMTA Licensing Department

Contact Persons:       

Mr. Kevin Fsadni - Director Product Development Directorate & Licensing
Tel: 22915600

Mr. Malcolm Zerafa - Manager Licensing
Tel: 22915717

General Enquiries -
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Authority: Malta Tourism Authority