Air Malta Trade Offer - Terms & Conditions


Staff accompanying person of registered agents. Subject to availability. Rates exclude all taxes and charges.

No of tickets:

Two applications (either one person only or with travelling partner) during the promotion.

Application process:a

Applicant to send a letter or e-mail to Air Malta's office to the address indicated.

To be included in the application: Name of Applicant and position, name of passengers, Agent name, date of employment, passport number or ID number, purpose of Travel, itinerary.

Quoted price:

Excludes taxes, airport charges and any ticketing fee


Please contact Air Malta. Flights to be booked within 21 days from day of departure. Subject to availability


Please contact Air Malta


  •  Valid only for Air Malta operated Schedule flights
  •  Valid for IATA, Non-IATA Agents, Tour Operators and Travel Agents’ Associations.
  •  Offer is valid for staff and one accompanying person travelling together for the entire journey.
  •  Date of Travel is subject to seats availability.
  •  Embargo and peak periods as determined by Air Malta from time to time.
  •  Bookings can be made by not earlier than 21 days from departure date.
  •  Reservations can only be made by Air Malta offices and representatives.
  •  Fares are quoted as “NET” – Return, i.e. exclusive of all taxes and charges.
  •  Once issued tickets are Non-Refundable