IPL publish 22nd Edition of Malta Hotels Directory

IPL publish 22nd Edition of Malta Hotels Directory

The 2020 edition of the Malta Hotels Directory, published by Island Publications is now available.

This is the 22nd edition of the directory that was first published in 1999.

The directory is produced by Mosta-based Island Publications on behalf of the Malta Tourism Authority and is the official accommodation listing for the islands. It is available at all key international travel shows and fairs the MTA exhibits at, from MTA bureaux abroad and all its PR agents dotted around the world and, of course, locally from the authority’s information offices.

The 112-page directory lists all licensed hotels, tourist villages (well, there’s just one), guest houses and hostels on the islands.

This edition also includes another first in local publishing – Google plus codes. These work just like street addresses; when an address isn’t available or is too long, one can use a plus code to find or share a place on Google Maps.

A plus code combines two elements; a code of six or seven letters and numbers and the name of the locality.

By way of an example, the code for St John’s Co-Cathedral is VGX6 2X Valletta. (To find a location using plus codes open Google Maps on a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet. At the top, tap the search box and type the plus code.)

In 2012 the hotels directory was the first locally produced title to introduce QR codes alongside entries. 

Meantime, “it is heartening to see that in this digital age, there is still a need and want for a traditionally-produced version of this directory,” says IPL publisher Terence Mirabelli.

Hard copies of the Malta Hotels Directory 2020 are available from the MTA and may also be downloaded from the authority’s site (www.visitmalta.com/en/hotels).

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