HR, Administration and IT

The MTA's HR and Administration Directorate is responsible for three key areas, namely:

  • Human Resources Department;
  • Administration Department;
  • Information Technology Department

The main functions of the above mentioned departments are described hereunder:


HR Department

The Human Resources Department handles all functions related to MTA employees. It is responsible for record keeping and personnel data entry, recruitment and retirement, reassignments, family friendly measures, recording employee absences including sick leave, vacation leave, maternity leave and career breaks. The HR Department is also responsible for training and development, industrial relations, policy development, employee assistance and help with handling specific performance issues. 


Administration Department

The Administration Department is responsible for the day-to-day smooth running of the offices and focuses on transport requirements including the updating of the Fuel Management System, the upkeeping of MTA fleet cars including any required car repairs, premises upkeep and logistics, housekeeping, Health and Safety, enrolling employees in a Health Care & Life Insurance Scheme and providing information to employees regarding such schemes, and ordering the required supplies for the office including kitchen supplies and any appliances that may be required from time to time.


IT Department

The MTA IT department plans, operates and supports the organization's IT infrastructure, enabling business users to carry out their roles efficiently, productively and securely. The department must meet multiple business and technical requirements, provide a secure IT infrastructure and minimize costs.

  1. Planning
    The IT Department works with MTA Directorates to develop an IT strategy that supports the organization business objectives.  They customize software and other elements of the IT system to meet the needs of MTA departments. The IT Department also ensures that the right level of IT resources is available to meet changing levels of demand.  To increase flexibility and responsiveness, the IT Department investigates options, such as outsourcing management of the infrastructure or renting additional IT capacity from an external provider.
  2. Network
    The IT Department develops and operates the network to support effective communication and collaboration.  Increasingly, they are deploying the latest Internet Protocol networks with the capability to carry all voice, data, video and Internet traffic on a single network.  IP networks enable the organization to replace their legacy telephone systems with an IP-based system, reducing complexity and providing a platform for deploying advanced unified communications tools.
  3. Data
    The IT Department develop tools to collect, store, manage, secure and distribute data to employees who need access to the latest information to make decisions about strategic, financial and operational issues.  Data is stored in a single Data Centre that can that can be shared between different departments and stakeholders. 

  4. Security
    Information security management is one of the most important IT functions in the MTA.  The IT Department must protect the IT infrastructure and corporate data against attacks from viruses, cybercriminals and other threats.  Attacks on the infrastructure can prevent an organization carrying out critical business operations with a consequent impact on customer service.  Data leaks can lead to loss of confidential corporate and customer data and damage the organization reputation. While the IT Department have put stringent security policies in place to minimize the risk and impact of security breaches, they face an increasingly complex IT environment as employees adopt mobile working or use their personal smartphones and tablet computers to work on corporate data.

  5. Support
    The IT Department is responsible for providing user support for the MTA ICT infrastructure.  This includes installation of new hardware and standard software, diagnostic of hardware and software problems and network troubleshooting.


Social Activities Committee

Moreover, the HR and Administration Director chairs the Social Activities Committee. The SAC organises social events for all MTA employees and money collected during such events is then donated to charity.



Contact Details:


Director HR, Administration & IT

Ms. Marika Borg
T: (356) 22915350


Manager - Human Resources

Ms. Ruth Bartolo
T: (356) 22915352


Executive - Administration

Ms. Tanya Farrugia
T: (356) 22915358


Senior Manager - IT

Mr. Godwin Camenzuli
T: (356) 22915375


Data Protection Supervisor

Dr. Ryan C. Pace LL.D.