Major Events Incentive Scheme

Major Events Incentive Scheme


The post-pandemic traveller is showing a new mindset, one which pursues transformative and meaningful travel experiences. Now more than ever, travellers want their next vacation to be their Greatest of All Trips (GOAT). Hence, the motivation to travel goes beyond the traditional sun, sea, and historical attractions. Tourists aim to create beautiful memories and splurge on experiences and excitement in the destinations they visit, with meaningful activities and participation, seeking feelings of contentment and gratification.

Within this context, events have an important part to play.

The Mass Events that this scheme aims to incentivise are those that, through their concept, brand, organisational standard and artist line-up, give the Maltese Islands a competitive edge over other destinations in the region and have the highest potential to encourage tourism to Malta from  tourism source markets in Europe and beyond, for the event itself.


Scheme Overview

The Major Events Incentive Scheme (MEIS) is administered through a competitive application process carried out by the Malta Tourism Authority. Applications are evaluated by the Authority’s Events and Sponsorships Adjudication Board and assessed against a set of Selection Criteria as outlined in this document.

Full adherence and compliance with the Selection Criteria are mandatory for eligibility. However, this does not constitute a guarantee for funding.



The Major Events Incentive Scheme is open for events taking place between May and December 2022. 

NOTE: July and August are considered blackout periods. Therefore, applications for events taking place during these months will be automatically disqualified.


Call Period

The call for applications under this scheme will be open from 23rd May 2022 and until allocated budgets are fully exhausted. 



The total budget allocated for this scheme is two (2) million euros. No additional amounts will be added upon the exhaustion of such allocation.


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