Inspections Ascertain Compliance with Covid-19 Protocols

Inspections Ascertain Compliance with Covid-19 Protocols


In the past week, the Compliance and Regulatory Directorate of the Malta Tourism Authority has conducted over 500 inspections at various establishments and at organised events that included weddings, a sporting event and cultural events. In the quite recent days, 12 establishments were found in breach of published protocols and will be subject to further legal action.

More recently, MTA's Compliance and Regulatory Directorate has been entrusted with carrying out checks to confirm that the published standards for gatherings and events are being adhered to. Following the submission of a risk assessment and its subsequent approval by the MTA and the Health Authorities, events are randomly inspected by MTA officials.

These include:

  • Weddings
  • Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Exhibitions
  • Other activities that qualify as ‘events'.

The Directorate is responsible to certify that establishments in the above-mentioned categories are compliant and, following certification, to monitor such establishments to ascertain that the protocols are maintained.

The Directorate has also been tasked with certifying and monitoring all organisations registered as clubs, even though these are not licensed by the Malta Tourism Authority. The inspections and checks are reserved to the confines of the establishments.

In addition to the normal duties of inspections of new applications, complaints and random checks of operations that are licensed by the Malta Tourism Authority, the Directorate has been assigned responsibilities related to Covid-19 measures. These are mainly in connection with the set of protocols issued for the re-opening of Malta's tourism infrastructure comprising:

  • Collective Accommodation (such as hotels and guest houses)
  • Holiday Furnished Premises
  • Catering Establishments (including restaurants, snack bars, bars, discotheques
  • and nightclubs)
  • Beaches, Beach Establishments and Beach Concessions.

MTA will continue to carry out these ongoing inspections across the Maltese Islands in the coming days and weeks in an effort to ascertain compliance by all.

Anyone who encounters any breaches can inform the authority via its Tourism COVID-19 helpline: 21692447 or email:

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