E-Learning Testimonials

During this challenging period for the tourism industry, the Ministry for Tourism and Consumer Protection together with the Malta Tourism Authority identified an opportunity and we've invested heavily in our workforce. With the intent to focus on quality of service and upgrading the destination's offer, we've trained 8,000 participants from the tourism sector, with more than a 1,000 different courses provided by 33 training partners. A 5.6 million euro investment in our country's future. Ready for tomorrow.

Student Testimonials

"The course I have participated in is the ILM 5 level online course in Leadership and Management at MISCO Malta Ltd. The course has consisted of 10 modules over five months covering a large range of topics. I think the topics had been a "hand-picked" selection meaning that all of them offer necessary and more than basic knowledge and understanding in areas unavoidable in middle management position. I've had previously acquired practical experience in most of the topics, but the courses have offered me an organized, thematized and much deeper insight in all of them giving me at the same time a whole new angle on all of them which will help me to be able to handle these subjects not only on managerial but on an organisational level as well." 

Dorottya Siklósi

"Following my old dream to become a professional trainer recently I did online course "Training the Trainer "with MISCO. From the first course day I knew that it was what I needed. This course had a great balance of basic knowledge in understanding the training circle and also the practical hands on experience for creating training programs and deliveries. Trainers were incredibly experienced and knowledgeable (covered course material in depth, gave a lot of tips). Also they were encouraging and supportive, gave individual attention to every participant. Moreover, I really enjoyed the course, because it was very engaging and interactive (various exercises, discussions etc.) I'm so happy to say, that I gained the knowledge and skills needed to confidently begin creating my own training courses."

Laura Beise
Front of House service desk agent

"My name is Gabriela and I followed for 8 weeks the course offered by Sprachcaffe "English for Business". I can say that I loved it and that Chris made this on-line course even more interesting. Organized content, different topics every day, interactive lessons and the group discussion made this experience so special. The course helped me to improve my confidence, to develop my English vocabulary and also to correct some pronunciation mistakes that I used to do. It was an amazing course, and it will help me in my future. If I think better, it actually already helped me. Soon after finishing the course, I got a new job. Thank you Sprachcaffe! And thank you Chris, for making this course so special!"


"First of all, I would like to thank Sprachcaffe  & Mr. Chris Abela the lecturer for the opportunity that you gave us during these challenging times. During the course we learned & practiced very deeply the Business English language through conversations, discussions & exercises. Mr. Abela focused a lot on practice because that's what makes the language work. I already recommended the school to my colleagues at work & to my friends."


"The circumstances of COVID19 were definitely not the easiest, the Sprachcaffe team mastered the organization and implementation of the online courses perfectly! During the Business English online training course I was able to study with 2 teachers, both with different teaching methods and topics. Both teachers were very responsive to the individual students and have a lot of patience. Alex taught us the basics of grammar, with Chris we learned the business idioms in the last 2 weeks. Alex and Chris were also careful that we could communicate with each other well. I would like to thank the whole team for teaching us during this time, and I am very happy that I have booked the courses with you! Keep going in this way!"


"The online course is a good learning tool, which helps to achieve your learning goals.The most I have enjoyed about the distance learning is the flexibility and the convenience. Online learning is a great way to build your communication and interpersonal skills with other classmates. Course materials were well-designed, exercises were helpful and working with other people via internet was interesting and fun. The course produces real learning and I will be able to apply it in situations with customers and guests for their bookings and reservations. The teacher Ms. Carol is the best!"

Plamena Petkova

"I would like to start with one big THANK YOU to our professor. To be honest I always had a bad experience with the free courses, but I’m very happy to say that Ms. Carol L. Spiteri has overcome all my expectations. Firstly, she will welcome you with a big smile and it will make your day better. She actually cares for her students, no matter what age they are, she will try her best to explain, whatever complication or misunderstanding you have. She will do here best for everyone to feel important. Thank you very much for everything."

Nadica Zhupanoska

"The course, English for Bookings and Reservations, was made very enjoyable by the charisma of our tutor and the diversification of the students that attended the course. The Moodle exercises and examples are very well-explained. The Break Out rooms and the discussions during the lessons where each student could share their experiences with each other are very good. I would highly recommend these courses to those who want to integrate more within the tourism industry so as to give the tourists that visit our island the best experience ever."

Robert Farrugia

"Would like to thank you for your excellent coaching skills throughout the course.   It’s been a life changing experience on a personal level but also within a working environment.  Such course would be super beneficial for our younger generation to have as part of the syllabus.  It will help them in everyday life, increase their mindfulness and have a better understanding of life from an early age.  All this will result in a successful young community. Another part of the course I found very interesting was the Public Speaking session.  It was very well presented and also very beneficial for my career. It’s been a great experience and I truly enjoyed every session."

Claudia Cassar

"I have really enjoyed the course "Be my own coach". It helped me to name some of my emotions and helped me to step back and observe before making a decision how to respond or even if I should be responding anything. I also received guidance for myself as to how to deal with my emotions and how I can send my message to the world by using symbols. I learned a lot from your personal story which is pretty amazing and uplifting and showed me that we need rain to grow. There was also a very important message for me that I can so much relate to regarding my own child. They have the right to make their own decisions and our role is to support them every step of the way no matter how difficult it is for us without passing a judgement. Once I plant the seed I need to water it otherwise it will die. And a very important note that I keep reminding myself every day to love myself and be my friend. Thank you again for your dedication and patience to always answer all our questions that were never too big for you. Keep shining!"


"I highly recommend this course to anyone, who wants to develop new skills to live a truly full life, build confidence, be able to deal with change better and understand who they are. As someone once said "The more you know who you are, the less you let things upset you" and this is what being your own coach is all about.

Anna Jablonska

"It was a great experience; it gave a lot of tools that I am surely using in my life. The best insight given, in my opinion, was the fact that we must connect to nature, it seems to be obvious but in reality, that it´s not. It takes time and patience. Another part of the course that I loved was that different professionals were invited to participate in the class giving different insights and learnings. I am delighted with the outcome. Now all I need is to practise, even though it may see the hardest part, when you know the tools and were taught on how to use them, it won´t be that hard at least in my view, since it provides guidance and knowledge that there´s something that can help us. It´s not all lost either wrong, but it´s YOU, US who have to change and accept what´s around us, we have to make the difference if we want one. All the tools given in my view are handy."

Izilda M. Ribeiro

"This course made me realise a few things I did wrong with my life, mainly with my thinking. Firstly, I learned not to take thoughts seriously, but to acknowledge and learn from them. This is a very crucial skill for me, as I used to accept my thoughts very quickly and to make decisions right on the spot. Now I think more about the problem or opportunity; I start to make the right decisions for myself, to lead a better life. Secondly, I observe more; I try to look for better solutions in everyday life and business by observing and idea or problem. I use given tools - observing, interpreting and reflecting. Thirdly, weekly letter to my self is helping me to fight with my inside diva, which help me to let go off my fears and to continue what I want to achieve. I find this course very unique; all given information will help to improve my performance by only thinking differently and using the right tools for my self-awareness."

Ieva Kagaine

"The Course – Be Your Own Coach organised by Spring Productions International Limited is inspirational, avails of unique and creative ways of teaching and assists participants to develop better soft skills with the aim to be mentally resilient and achiever higher inner excellence.  In essence this course is helping me to discern situations and people in a different life.  It is commendable especially its inspirational import, innovative ways of teaching and delivery.  Sharon Cusens and her team did an excellent job with online learning and were flexible with internet disconnections etc. I would definitely recommend it!"

Cynthia Debono

"Thank you for the opportunity of following this amazing course. During the weekly sessions I had the opportunity to understand how to deal with a lot of situations in the proper way. What I find unique about this course is the approach of the teacher, Ms. Sharon. She taught us through her personal experiences and used real-life examples to demonstrate how to deal with difficult situations.  Thank you very much to the opportunity to follow this course."

Marco Ricordini 

"The MBA Programme is offering countless opportunities for a unique skill set development and will allow me to make more valuable connections, pursue necessary professional skills and foster my personal development.  I am honored to be the recipient of the Scholarship for the course of MBA in International Hospitality Management in academic affiliation with the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management. ITS has a team of professionals fully committed, adds tremendous value to our journey and is surpassing all my expectations. I express my special gratitude to MTA for granting me this life-altering opportunity."

Martina Dejanova

"Enrolling into an MBA program is a milestone for every scholar. MTA scheme in 2020 granted an opportunity to reach further into academic levels.  In collaboration with ITS and with its own support network, it encouraged professionals from various tourism sectors to embark on this journey. Surely not an easy task, and with much commitment, the MBA program combines professional experiences with academic knowledge and values.  As the tourism industry evolves and travelers seek more experiences, so do careers in hospitality."

Daniel Debattista

Staff Testimonials

"Designing the courses for MTA was a challenging yet rewarding experience. It helped us delve into specific language use in various tourism-related settings and creating courses that are tailor-made to suit the needs of a wide spectrum of people working in this important industry. The positive feedback we got from course participants was extremely encouraging and we enjoyed helping these students to upskill. Our interaction with them helped us make the courses more relevant to them, and communicating with the students, sometimes even while they were at work, provided us with a greater insight of what employees in the tourism sector in Malta can benefit from. We are very much indebted to MTA for this very positive experience, and would definitely jump on the opportunity to work on similar projects in the future."

ELA Academic Team