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Human Resources within the Malta Tourism Authority fall under the remit of Corporate Services Directorate. The Directorate is responsible for all aspects of human resources that range from capacity building, training of employees, employee welfare, and health and safety issues.

Vacancies within the Authority are filled either internally through redeployment of existing staff, or reorganisation of duties, or if this is not possible through an external call. In both cases a call of applications together with a job description of the post is prepared and issued by the Directorate. Requests for personnel originate from the various Directors of the Authority and are submitted to Corporate Services for evaluation by the Director of Corporate Services, the Financial Controller and the Chief Executive Officer.  In cases when external recruitment is required, the Authority requests PAHRO and the Ministry of Finance, the Economy and Investment approval to initiate the process with the Employment & Training Corporation (ETC).  The ETC through their system match the position’s requirements with the qualifications of persons registering on parts 1, 2 & 3 of their register and provide the Authority with the list of candidates who match the criteria the position requires.  Candidates on these lists are informed by the ETC that their name was submitted for consideration and are asked to submit a Curriculum Vitae to the Department of Corporate Services of the Authority.  The CV’s are reviewed and evaluated by the Department of Corporate Services for their suitability and candidates who pass this review are asked to attend an interview.  If following the interviews, no suitable candidate is identified ETC permission is sought for the recruitment to be place on the open market through a public advert. An interviewing process is conducted that usually leads to the selection of a candidate for the position. The Authority does not accept applications, unless these are sent in response to a call for applications

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