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Projects & Initiatives

The Projects division

In the last few months the MTA has embarked on a number of projects with the objective of increasing the potential of product Malta.  The aim is to improve the visitor’s experience whilst on the islands in order to ensure more value for money.  Projects currently being implemented by the MTA:

Tourism Zone Upgrade with landscaped urban spaces and other facilities – Project part-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.  Through this project which will cost a total of Euro 12 million Euro (excluding VAT) the MTA will be upgrading three tourism zones namely: Qawra, St. Paul’s Bay, and Pembroke.  The interventions include:

Qawra: Through this project, which will cost € 8,850,000 (including VAT) the MTA will create a public aquarium and marine attraction, landscaped gardens, promenades, restaurant, shops, tourist information and underground car park.  This project will help increase the activities that one can engage in whilst on the islands especially when visit the north of the islands.

The MTA is in the final processes of adjudicating the tender for this project.  Works in the area are planned to start late in 2010 and to finish by 2011.

ST. Paul’s Bay: Through this project the MTA will upgrade nearly 1km of promenade, resurface around 1km of road, create a projecting balcony approximately 80m in length and install new street furniture.  This project will cost around €1,880,000 (incl. of VAT).  The MTA plans to start the work in the first half of 2010 and to finish the works around a year later (2011).

Pembroke: Creation of landscaped gardens and cycle track.  Through this project the MTA will create a new garden in Pembroke (an area of around 8,000 sq meters), new cycle/jogging/walking track with an approximate length of 2.5km, creation of a garigue Heritage Park (an area of approximately 55 hectars) and the restoration of the Madliena watch tower.  These interventions will cost around € 3,476,000.  The MTA plans to start the work in 2010 and to finish them by the end of 2011.

Upgrading of two tourism coastal stretches in Qawra and Sliema - The importance of the tourism zones is highlighted even more through the investment that is currently being carried out by the MTA in these two major tourist areas.  The project is divided into two phases.

Phase 1 – Embellishment of coastal areas in Qawra and Sliema, improved access on the beach and into the sea for swimmers and divers, installation of ladders, soft landscaping, upgrade of three public toilets located on the beach.  This phase will cost an approximate € 590,000 and works have already started.  Works will be ready before summer 2010.

Phase 2 – Creation of a sandy beach in Qawra.  The popularity of sandy beaches with tourists and Maltese alike can be witnessed with the crowds that visit St. George’s Bay and the Bugibba perched beach in summer.  These beaches, both of which artificial beaches created by the MTA, have helped in increasing the popularity of these tourist areas in the summer months whilst reducing the pressure on other beaches in the north of the islands.  Through surveys conducted with tourists it can be seen that another sandy beach in the north of the island can increase the popularity of the area amongst tourists residing in the area.  The MTA is currently carrying out studies to analyse the stability of such a beach.  Once these studies will be available the MTA will take the necessary decision on the way forward. 

Malta Goes Rural – Sustaining Rural Tourism – Malta’s rural villages give the visiting tourist a snapshot of how life used to be in our villages.  Through this project will upgrade the countryside walks that were launched by the Authority in 2002.  These walks were:

  • The Dwejra lines walk;
  • The Bahrija walk;
  • The Girgenti walk;
  • Marfa Ridge walk;
  • Ta’ Gurdan walk;
  • Dahlet Qorrot walk;
  • Saltpan walk;
  • Ramla walk.

The MTA will also be launching 6 new walks:

  • The windmills walks (Zurrieq / Safi)
  • The Victoria Lines walks (2 walks);
  • Tas-silg walk (Marsascala / Marsaxlokk);
  • Neolitihic temples walk (Siggiewi to Qrendi walk);
  • Fawwara walk (Siggiewi walk);

The MTA has also applied for EU funding under the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development in order to implement this project.  Application pending

Through this project the MTA will not only create 5 new walks (creation of walking booklets, printing of material, installation of directional and informational signage, cleaning of walking paths), but will also clean the old walking paths and install new directional and informational signage through the old walks.  New literature will be published and the rural aspect of Malta and Gozo will be marketing online through a new website called www.maltagoesrural.com which will be launched in 2010.  The MTA will also create interactive material which can be downloaded on mobiles, portable pdas and which will give additional information to the tourist visiting such areas as well as creating interactive games for kids and adults alike.



Senior Manager, EU Projects and accomodation

Product Planning Directorate

Mr Kevin Fsadni

E-mail: kevin.fsadni@visitmalta.com

Telephone: 22915133

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