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The Malta Tourism Authority is pleased to announce that a new collective agreement has been approved by the concerned unions and employees, and has subsequently been signed this morning.

Mr Paul Bugeja, the MTA’s CEO, together with the MTA’s management team, hosted meetings between the Authority, the General Workers’ Union and Union Haddiema Mag?qudin, during which procedures for a new collective agreement started being negotiated. The previous agreement had expired in 2010. Negotiations started in 2016, when the unions were granted joint recognition to represent MTA employees.

The new collective agreement is valid between 2017 and 2021 and is a joint agreement between both unions. MTA’s employees included in the collective agreement range from housekeepers to assistant manager, covering seven grades in total.

As a result of the new agreement, Tourist information Officers will earn a capped, yearly allowance for every foreign language besides Maltese and English. The Enforcement Directorate will be transformed into the Compliance and Regulatory Directorate. Furthermore, the new collective agreement ensure more flexible working hours for all employees at the Malta Tourism Authority.

The MTA’s Chairman, Dr Gavin Gulia, and Tourism Minister Dr Konrad Mizzi expressed satisfaction at the signing of the new collective agreement and held that optimum work conditions are key for the smooth operation of an Authority. They also thanked all those involved in the negotiations.

On behalf of the General Workers’ Union, Mr Charles Galea spoke positively on the way the agreement was reached in collaboration with the two unions representing the workers. He held that such a compromise is very positive, when considering the fact that the workers are the ones that stand to gain.

Mr Jesmond Bonello and Ms Antoinette Aquilina on behalf of the UHM Voice of the Workers, said that the union worked incessantly in order for the collective agreement to be renewed, for employees to have better working conditions and for them to have adequate increases in their wage for the next five years.

Photo Caption:

Left to Right, seated:

  • Ms Marika Borg, MTA’s HR and Administration Director
  • Mr Paul Bugeja, MTA’s CEO
  • Mr Charles Galea, GWU’s Secretary of the Professionals, Finance and Services
  • Ms Antoinette Aquilina, UHM Voice of the Workers’ Employee Relations Manager,


Left to Right, standing:

  • Mr Kevin Camilleri, GWU Deputy Secretary General
  • Dr Gavin Gulia, MTA’s Chairman
  • Mr Jesmond Bonello, UHM Director

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