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“The results published by the NSO are encouraging and confirm a double digit growth, even now extending into the summer months. This is the result of intensive work with all stakeholders. We are happy to note positive trends in all indicators, including the increase in the per bed night spend from € 119.04 to €121.56 per night.”

Such were Paul Bugeja’s comments, CEO to the Malta Tourism Authority, following statistics released today by the National Statistics Office.

Minister Konrad Mizzi said that these results have been made possible thanks to the continuous effort undertaken by the Maltese Government in the tourism sector. “It is of great satisfaction to learn of the arrival of a quarter of a million tourists in July. We are working on various news ways in which these figures may continue to grow in the coming months” said the Minister.

Statistics indicate that inbound tourism to Malta continues to exhibit a positive performance with the total inbound visitors in July 2017 reaching 256,509, an increase of 11.7% when compared to the same month last year.

Total inbound tourists (excluding overnight cruise passengers) increased by 11.4% or 25,727 more tourists. Substantial growth was registered in non-package type of travellers (+20.6%) and in the number of first time visitors (+15.1%). The largest absolute growth came from tourists aged 25 to 44 years (+11,759). With an average length of stay of 8.4 nights, 2.1 million guest nights were generated, increasing by 8.9%. Tourists spent a total of €255.7 million, €26.1 million more compared to July 2016. During July 2017, tourists spent on average €121.7 per night, an increase of 2.2% when compared with the same month last year.

Cumulative data for the period January to July 2017, points to an extraordinary performance with the number of inbound tourists recording a double-digit growth of 17.6%, reaching the figure of 1,241,248. This was followed by a substantial growth rate in the number of nights stayed by tourists (+11.0%). Increases were registered in the number of tourists staying in both collective and private type accommodation, with the latter featuring a notable increase of 26.8%. Furthermore, a noteworthy 13.9% increase was recorded in the total expenditure. Cumulatively, tourists spent an average of €117.0 per night, an increase of 2.7% when compared to the same period last year.

All source markets featured increased tourism flows with Italy recording the largest absolute increase of 36,960 followed by Belgium (+24,515), Germany (+18,983), France (+16,322), Spain (+13,787) and Poland (+10,503).

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