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As part of the ongoing efforts by the Malta Tourism Authority to ensure that the conditions stipulated in the beach concession agreements on Comino are being respected, MTA officials were present once again this morning to carry out inspections and monitor activity relating to the hire of deckchairs and umbrellas at Blue Lagoon and Santa Marija Bay.

MTA is pleased to note that the regulations specified in the agreements, including those relating to maximum number of deckchairs allowed and the prices per unit that can be charged in the different areas are being followed.

MTA would like to point out that this exercise is an ongoing one which started since the beginning of the season and will continue till the end of summer. Activity is intensified during the month of August which is traditionally the peak holiday month. To date, about €12,000 in penalties have been charged.

The Malta Tourism Authority reminds the general public that, although there is clearly room for improvement, the current situation is a definite step forward compared to the chaotic unregulated situation that prevailed some years ago, when as many as 1500 deckchairs were spread all over the Blue Lagoon, including Cominotto and the garrigue area. The current agreements have delimited the areas were hire of deckchairs is permissible and brought down the maximum number to 230 deckchairs.

In addition, by extending the deckchair facilities and lifeguard services to Santa Marija Bay, MTA is helping to divert some of the day tripper traffic from Blue Lagoon to the less crowded areas on Comino.

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