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EU Funded Projects


Restoration of the Timber Ceiling at the Sacra Infermeria at the Mediterranean Conference Centre

The project aims to restore and renovate a cultural and historical site in Valletta and to create a new touristic attraction by means of the restoration of two staircases, one leading to the attic of the ceiling at the Sacra Infermeria and the other leading to a terraced roof. Based on the project costs, 98.8% relate to restoration and other civil works; 1.16% relate to other general services such as marketing, planning and MEPA fees and consultancy fees.

Funding instrument: ERDF (2007-2013) Measure 403
Contact: Marisa De Lorenzo

Promotion of Gozo as a Distinct Destination

The purpose of this project is to provide assistance to the development of creative and innovative activities to market Gozo’s distinctiveness in the short and long term. The strategic objective of this project is to develop Gozo’s distinctiveness and enhance synergies with tourism related activities in order to promote growth and reduce seasonality in a sustainable manner. This will be done through the assessment of the current situation and the setting up of a marketing action plan that will allow the Gozo Tourism Association and the Malta Tourism Authority a clear pathway of how to position and market Gozo as a distinct destination for a period of three years. The implementation of a promotional campaign targeting both overseas and local tourists, the enhancement of the website and the setting up of an annual international tourism conference in Gozo all lead to achieving the scope of this action.


The following are the activities which are being implemented through this project:

Market Research and drafting of a 3 year Marketing Plan for Gozo

This intervention will consist of studies and research related to an analysis of the current situation outlining the macro and micro environmental factors affecting tourism in Gozo and the development of an Action Plan and implementation schedule which identifies the details of the work required.

Local Promotion and Marketing

The project will implement a local and international promotion campaign focusing on innovative promotional techniques ensuring maximum exposure of the destination such as the creation of short TV spots aired on local TV stations, themed editorials on the various local magazines and an online monthly traveller’s blog.

International Marketing

It includes innovative Ad campaign using traditional print ads and a varied social media campaign. Added to this, the project also envisages the creation of promotional material in the form of publications translated into four languages and a gift book publication to be disseminated at high level meetings, VIPs and big tour operators. Furthermore, this project allows for the hosting of organised Journalist trips for two foreign guest bloggers who will promote the Gozo Tourism Offer.


The Enhancement of islandofgozo.org website

The website, developed, owned and managed by the GTA was enhanced and revamped through this project allowing tourists and better online access to the destination. The portal was also upgraded to allow for access from mobile devices and enabling the platform for the Traveller’s Blog. The website is also enhanced to include a booking engine. The project will also invest in search engine optimisation, web-marketing for 1 year and Google Ad Campaign.

Organisation of the first international conference on Gozo’s tourism potential

The GTA in collaboration with the MTA intends to organise the first international Islands’ Tourism Conference, during May 2015, to be held in Gozo. The main aim of this international conference is to present and discuss national and international experiences about tourism competitiveness, customers’ experience, destination image and branding, sustainability and tourism marketing on Islands. The choice of the keynote speakers will also include both local and foreign speakers.


Funding instrument: EAFRD funds (2007-2013) (LEADER - Measure 410)
Contact: Kim Vella


EDEN Tourism and Local Gastronomy - Malta: A taste of the Mediterranean

The project aims to reward those destinations which have developed a specific tourism offer based on their specific local gastronomy. The project aims to ultimately choose one destination of excellence and four runner-up destinations. The winning destination shall be awarded as the "EDEN Destination for Tourism and Local Gastronomy." The project will focus mainly on the potential of the destination, the authenticity of the product linking it to local heritage as well as the sustainability of the event.

Malta’s submission for the 2014 theme entitled Malta: A taste of the Mediterranean, is being co-financed under the COSME work programme and has a project duration of 10 months. The application form and accompanying guidance notes are currently being finalised and the call will be launched shortly. The call is directed towards local councils and support will be given to local councils interested in submitting their proposal. Once proposals are submitted and winner announced, the award ceremony will be planned.

Funding instrument: COSME (Tourism Measure)
Contact: Cora Vella Laurenti


EDEN Promotional & Awareness Raising Project (2014-2015)

The EDEN Promotional and Awareness Raising Project commenced in January 2014 with a duration of 18 months with a co-financing rate of 75%. The project’s aim is to create awareness about EDEN destinations across Malta and Gozo, particularly because such destinations do not have a budget dedicated for marketing purposes.

A number of activities have been implemented since the start of the project, primarily in collaboration with MTA foreign offices. The target markets include:

- Scandinavia

- Benelux

- Germany

- Austria

- Switzerland

One of the activities was also directed towards tha Maltese market so as to increase awreness of what Malta has to offer as well as to increase appreciation. Activities primarily consisted of advertorials in specialised magazines targeted towards niche markets. The project will be concluded in June 2015.

Funding instrument: COSME (Tourism Measure)
Contact: Cora Vella Laurenti


Grant Scheme for Sustainable Tourism Projects by Enterprises (2007-2013)

A grant of € 10 million has been allocated towards the Grant Scheme for Sustainable Tourism Projects by Enterprises financed through the European Regional Development Fund which forms part of the EU's Structural Funds 2007 - 2013 for Malta.

The scheme, managed by the EU Grant Scheme Unit within the Ministry for Tourism, has directed funds towards the economic development of the tourism sector. Sustainable tourism projects financed have contributed towards strengthening Malta's competitive advantage in tourism; increased the use of ICT for tourism; increased good environmental practices by tourism enterprises as well as increased innovation in tourism.

The closure of the scheme is currently underway, including durability checks as well as audit checks when requested.

Funding instrument: ERDF 2007-2013
Contact: Oliver Farrugia & Cora Vella Laurenti


Marsaxlokk Tourism Information Hub

The Ministry of Tourism in conjunction with the Malta Tourism Authority are working in collaboration with the Marsaxlokk Local Council to establish a tourist hub situated in the central part of the locality. The project is envisaged to be completed by the second quarter of 2015 and is co-financed under the EAFRD 2007-2013 LEADER programme. The tender has been issued and adjudicated.

Funding instrument: EAFRD 2007-2013 LEADER Programme
Contact: Oliver Farrugia & Marisa Delorenzo

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