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Tourism Employment & Education

These projects and activities are aimed at providing information about careers and job opportunities inhr hospitality, travel and tourism to meet the industry’s staffing needs and the aspirations of the potential recruits.

 ‘L-Impjegati’ – Tourism Career Awareness DVD

‘L-Impjegati’ is a light entertaining documentary style programme appealing to the 16 to 21 age group. The programme aims to provide information and assist these young people make an informed choice in relation to career opportunities in the tourism industry. It includes features about how a career adapts a person’s lifestyles due to its commitments and implications.

Click the link below to view the 'L-Impjegati' video snippet


‘Choice’ – Tourism Career Awareness Programme

The ‘Choice Programme’ is designed to give information and expose students to careers in the tourism industry. It gives a good representation of potential, gainful and rewarding roles available in the industry. The main resource for this programme is the Choice Brochure. It includes information about tourism-related employment opportunities and provides students with practical information like applying for jobs and writing a successful CV.



Click the links below for Choice programme and career guide documentation.

MTA choice programme.pdf


MTA choice Tourism quiz.pdf


Hospitality & Catering Career guidelines Vol 1


Travel & Tourism Career guidelines Vol 2.pdf

Tourism In-Service Programme for Guidance Teachers

This programme is targeted towards guidance teachers and provides them with:

  • Background information about the industry and its sectors
  • Knowledge about emerging trends, and
  • Different professional and personal skills required in the sector.

The programme presents a clearer idea about their role to guide students towards the tourism industry.


Career Promotion Stands and Publications

The Industry HR Development Unit participates in a number of conventions with the aim of promoting career opportunities within the tourism industry.

Education Education Education


For further information on Tourism Education and Employment programmes kindly contact the Industry Human Resource Development Unit on 22915122 or andre.arciola@visitmalta.com 

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