Corinthis Palace Hotel and Spa - Highlights of our green practices

The Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa strives to offer the best possible service to our guests whilst respecting the environment. Furthermore, we continually endeavour to improve our operations in an ecological manner, ensuring that the balance that exists in Nature is respected and conserved.

The following objectives have been established and work has been initiated to achieve these set objectives:

  • To reduce energy consumption by at least 3% within the next five years: a Hybrid PV Solar System has been installed and commissioned, 95% of light bulbs have been changed to energy saving ones; LED lighting in certain areas installed, motion sensors installed in public and staff toilets. The plan is for 20% of all light bulbs to be replaced by LED lighting by 2013.
  • To reduce water consumption by at least 3% within the next five years: water sensors have been installed in all public areas and staff gents’ urinals; during recent refurbishment, new water mixers and showers with water saving flow control were installed and the size of all WC flushing tanks also reduced, thus requiring less water.  Next steps will be to install water taps with sensor controls in all public and back of house areas including kitchens, pantries as well as staff toilets.
  • Adopting a sustainable Waste Management System: to date total separation of waste is carried out, with regular training of staff members in this respect.  The next step will be to introduce waste separation bins in all public areas.
  • Utilising available alternatives that cause less detriment to the environment e.g. detergents, chemicals etc.
  • Purchasing of local food products that reduces carbon footprint to source such ingredients.
  • Allocation of centralized guest bedrooms according to occupancy levels in order to minimize and control heating requirements.
  • Utilising alternative restaurants / kitchens according to season and occupancy levels to minimize and control heating and energy consumption.

Besides all the above initiatives, a number of other initiatives are in the pipeline, awaiting approval for them to be implemented.



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