Corinthia Marina Hotel - Highlights of our green practices

The management and staff at Marina Hotel at the Corinthia Beach Resort strongly believe in eco-friendliness and have made a commitment towards continuous improvement in this area. A number of initiatives have already been achieved:

  • A solar hybrid system with 40 combined solar hybrid solar panels for solar energy to be used for electricity and water heating.  These give an estimated energy saving of over 94,000 kWH per annum as well as estimated light heating diesel saving of over 9,000 litres per annum, and a saving in CO2 emissions of over 24,000 kgs per annum;
  • Daily monitoring of Reverse Osmosis Plant for first class water generation;marina
  • Replacement of halogen bulbs with LED bulbs;
  • Implementation of Terry Green programme for hotel guests in all bathrooms, encouraging guests to participate and minimize wastage by deciding whether towels require replacement on a daily basis;
  • Printing of guest newsletters on recycled paper;
  • Participating in events such as Earth Hour, 34U campaign, St George’s Bay seabed cleaning;
  • Garbage recycling at source: engineering garbage recycling, main kitchen and satellite kitchens; hotel guest rooms bins separation;
  • Training seminars to hotel members in relation to eco recycling procedures.

There are also plans to continue with incremental improvements on the above such as:

  • Informing guests and encouraging them to participate in eco activities being taken by the Hotel;
  •  Implementation of water saving devices where these are not yet in place;
  • Continuous implementation of energy savers and LED light fittings for electrical equipment;
  • Continued training of hotel team members in relation to eco friendliness, recycling procedures etc.

We believe in continuing to sustain and rehabilitate the environment for our benefit as well as the benefit of all our visitors and will continue to seek areas where we can improve and forge partnerships both locally and abroad in order to achieve the right results in the area of eco-friendliness.




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