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The Marketing Directorate

The MTA’s Marketing Directorate is led by the Chief Marketing Officer, and supported by a Budgetary Control & Planning team. The marketing outfit consists of various units that deal with different geographical areas which are of interest to the Maltese Islands from a tourism perspective.

The units have been assigned the following responsibilities:

  • Unit 1: UK and Ireland
  • Unit 2: Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Unit 3: France, Belgium and Luxembourg
  • Unit 4: Italy, Spain, Portugal and South America
  • Unit 5: Nordic Region, Netherlands and South Africa
  • Unit 6A: USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea and Israel
  • Unit 6B: China
  • Unit 7: Eastern Europe, Russia, Former Soviet States, Balkans and Baltic States
  • Unit 8: Turkey, Mena, Greece, Cyprus, India and Australia
  • Unit 9: Pan-European, Cruises and Special Projects

Each unit is composed of a manager or senior manager, and an executive. All units report back to the Chief Marketing Officer, who is ultimately in charge of International Marketing.

Each of these units liaise on an ongoing basis with the corresponding MTA overseas office or representative in the territory for which they are responsible. By doing so, the units at Head Office can better understand the market, and keep up to date with trends and the specific needs of the potential visitors. They can also assist in the development of marketing campaigns, participate in overseas travel fairs and events, create press trip programs that are better suited for the target market and support activities of the overseas network in a more effective manner.

By structuring the marketing department into various geographical markets, each team will be able to develop a stronger relationship with the overseas office, as well as tour operators, journalists, media representatives and other entities from their respective territories.

Chief Marketing Officer

Name: Mr Carlo Micallef
Email: carlo.micallef@visitmalta.com
Tel No.: (+356) 22915250

Executive Administration

Name: Ms Ruth Spiteri
Email: ruth.e.spiteri@visitmalta.com
Tel No.: (+356) 22915256

Budgetary Control and Planning

Senior Manager:

Name: Mr Arthur Grima
Email: arthur.grima@visitmalta.com
Tel No. (+356) 22915253

Executive Administration - Finance

Name: Ms Yanika Galea
Email: yanika.galea@visitmalta.com
Tel No.: (+356) 22915273

Unit 1: UK & Ireland


Name: Ms Carina Dimech
Email: carina.dimech@visitmalta.com
Tel No.: (+356) 22915263


Name: Ms Christine Darmanin
Email: christine.darmanin@visitmalta.com
Tel No.: (+356) 22915262

Unit 2: Germany, Austria & Switzerland


Name: Mr David Bonnici
Email: david.b.bonnici@visitmalta.com
Tel No.: (+356) 22915274

Unit 3: France, Belgium & Luxembourg


Name: Ms Angela Said
Email: angela.said@visitmalta.com
Tel No.: (+356) 22915259


Name: Mr Roderick Esposito
Email: roderick.esposito@visitmalta.com
Tel No.: (+356) 22915258

Unit 4: Italy, Spain, Portugal & South America


Name: Ms Francesca Vincenti
Email: francesca.vincenti@visitmalta.com
Tel No.: (+356) 22915277


Name: Mr Melvin Vella
Email: melvin.vella@visitmalta.com
Tel No.: (+356) 22915279

Unit 5: Nordic Region, Netherlands & South Africa

Senior Manager:

Name: Ms Alexandra Valletta
Email: alexandra.valletta@visitmalta.com
Tel No.: (+356) 22915271


Name: Ms Rosanne Sciberras
Email: rosanne.sciberras@visitmalta.com
Tel No.: (+356) 22915270

Unit 6A: USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea & Israel


Name: Ms Janet Grech Dimech
Email: janet.grech-dimech@visitmalta.com
Tel No.: (+356) 22915267

Unit 6B: China


Unit 7: Eastern Europe, Russia, Former Soviet States, Balkans & Baltic States

Senior Manager:

Name: Mr Jimmy Attard
Email: john-mary.attard@visitmalta.com
Tel No.: (+356) 22915280


Name: Mr Anthony Briffa
Email: anthony.briffa@visitmalta.com
Tel No.: (+356) 22915278

Unit 8:Turkey, Mena, Greece, Cyprus, India & Australia


Name: Ms Lucienne Borg
Tel No.: (+356) 22915261

Unit 9: Pan-European, Cruises & Special Projects


Name: Ms Emily Vella
Email: emily.vella@visitmalta.com
Tel No.: (+356) 22915254


Name: Ms Aimee Muscat
Email: aimee.a.muscat@visitmalta.com
Tel No.: (+356) 22915255

Click here for the list of MTA's overseas representatives.

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