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The MTA’s Marketing setup is broadly divided into a Head Office team responsible for Marketing Support & Development and Segments Marketing together with an international network of offices, representatives and PR agencies.

Marketing Support & Development embraces Market Research, Marketing Services and Film Tourism Development.

Segments Marketing incorporates History and Culture, MICE, Tour Operating & Leisure, Cruise, EFL, Sports together with the marketing of Gozo as a distinct destination.

International Marketing manages the MTA’s overseas office network.

Marketing Support & Development is primarily responsible for drawing up the MTA’s Marketing Plan for Tourism to Malta while International Marketing and Segments Marketing are primarily responsible to execute the Marketing Plan.

This structure is designed to maximise on:

  • The industry knowledge and market intelligence available at the MTA;
  • The interface which the segment teams establish between the local specialised travel trade, the overseas markets and the MTA’s overseas office network;
  • The potential of Gozo to be marketed as a distinct destination;
  • The possibilities arising from the better integration of MTA and travel trade marketing activities under the principles of one Marketing Plan;
  • The identification and adoption of the latest developments in the field of e-marketing, in line with developments from our most advanced competitors;
  • The continued development of an International Marketing setup based on the principle of lean offices which are commercially oriented and heavily results driven;
  • The synergies and advantages arising from the appointment of a single agency to market and promote Malta in the international market place.

The Marketing Plan process is research based, segment driven and target oriented.  

The Research Unit ensures that the MTA is in possession of a number of data streams that will help broaden its understanding of tourism in Malta whilst also placing it within a global perspective.  Through its work, the Unit follows Regional Trends in Tourism, carries out market research to assist the development and growth of the Island’s selected Segments and keeps close tabs on growth markets so as to assist MTA identify and prioritise its reaction to such markets with as much advance notice as possible.

The Segment Teams work to establish themselves as drivers for their respective segments with the local trade.   They work with the Research Unit to achieve a thorough understanding of the segments concerned, particularly in terms of source markets. They familiarize themselves with the Maltese Islands’ main competitors per segment and establish an aggressive approach aimed at gaining market share at the expense of competition.  The segments function through a two way exchange with the MTA overseas network with the aim of complementing each others’ respective activities rather than working independently of each other, or in conflict with each other.  Most importantly, being in the driving seat of that part of the MTA’s Marketing Plan relating to segments, in terms of its formulation, execution, evaluation and continuous evolution.

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